Maintenance Levies

This section of the report contains the maintenance levy motion resolved at the Annual General Meeting that decides the levy amounts for the entire Owners Corporation over the following year. This figures is then divided by the total number of Units of Entitlement, then multiplied by each Lots Units of Entitlement (both figures are found on the Certificate of Title) to calaculate how much each individual lot pays. annually. This figure is then dvidied by four to arrive at the quarterly indiviudal levy payments.

Also in this section is the quarterly levy paymentse of the lot being inspected including arrears This section also report on evidence (if any) of Special Levies that may be struck within the next 3 months. A history of Special Levies struck by the Owners Corporation in the past 5 years.

See a sample of the Maintenance Levy Section»

Financials Section

This section reports on the current balances of the Administration Fund and Sinking Fund. In addition to this, most Strata Managing Agencies provide Strata Inspection companies with Financial prinouts including Income and Expenditure Statements for both the Administrative Fund and Sinking Fund. These printouts are scanned and attached to the end of the report.