Strata Managing Agent

This section of the report provided contact details of the Strata Managing Agent as well as details of the Strata Managing Agency Agreement (SMAA). The SMAA is the signed contract between the Strata Managing Agent and the Owners Corporation and outlines the duties of the Strata Managing Agent. This sections notes the date on the contract and the License Number of the Strata Managing Agent as well as whether the Strata Managing Agent was appointed by the Strata Schemes Board, which may denote serious issues within the Owners Corporation.

Certificate of Title

This is a government issued document held by the Strata Managing Agent on behalf of the Owners Corporation. It confirms the allocation of Units of Entitlement (U/E's) for each individual unit within a Strata Scheme. Our reports include the relevant details of this document for indiviual lots as it allows the prospective purchaser to confirm levies calculations against other Financial Documentation. The Certificate of Title also contains registration numbers for Additional By-Laws. However, details of additional By-laws are noted in the By-Laws section of our reports. 

Strata Plan

A Strata Plan looks similar to architectural plans and contains a date of Strata Plan registration that we include in our report. This date lets you know how long ago the building was registered as a Strata Scheme.

Strata Roll Information

The Strata Manager must keep a roll of all the Owners of Lots within a Strata Scheme up to date and in a format that contains the owners name, owners address and mortgage information of all Lots. The Strata Roll must also contain current Insurance information and a copy of the By-Laws of the Strata Scheme. However, most Strata Rolls are now maintained as part of a computerised program, rather than in hard copy. The Strata Roll section reports on information held in the Strata Roll for the Unit being purchased. 


The By-Laws are the rules that govern the rights and responsibilities of Occupants within the building. Additional By-Laws and Special By-Laws that may have been registered by the Owners Corporation are noted in this section.