Other Matters

This section reports on a number of different items including:

Strata Managing Agency Appointment - We let you know when the current Strata Managing Agent was appointed by the Owners Corporation to manage the Strata Scheme.

Annual Fire Safety Statement - Whether or not an Annual Fire Safety Statement was sighted at the time of the inspection. This Statement issued  by Local Council is required to be updated annually by law.

Occupational Health and Safety Report - We report on whether the Owners Corporation has obtained a recent OHS report. Where an OHS report exists a copy of the Summary Page is obtained by the inspector.

Certificate of Plant Item Registration - We report on the certification of Plant Items within Strata Schemes (commonly lifts). These plant items must obtain an annual Certificate of Plant Item Registration issued by WorkCover NSW.

10 Year Sinking Fund Forecast - Most Strata Schemes are required to obtain a 10 year Sinking Fund Forecast for the building. Where this report exists, a copy of the summary page is obtained by our inspectors.