Do you know the answers to these question?

  • Are you aware of any ongoing or reccuring repairs (such as recurring plumbing or electrical issues) within the building?
  • Are you aware of any costly repairs or upgrades (such as buidling defects rectification works, lift refurbishments or lobby upgrades) that are being planned by the Owners Corporation for the future?
  • Have the owners of the building been able to work together to deal with issues that have occured?
  • Do all the occupants of the building live in harmony and follow the by-laws of the building or is the Strata Manager constantly policing inconsiderate occupants who park in the wrong places or make too much noise?

Answers to these questions are vital for prospective purchasers of apartments in NSW.

The answers to these question may mean that you will be required to pay more strata fees in the future than you want to.

Or the answers may mean that you will end up living in a building full of unhappy people.

Shouldnt you know information that you should know when making the biggest purchase of your life?


If you are still unsure why these questions are important read our helpful introduction to strata schemes here

Our Reports

Our report are separated into easy-to-follow sections. These sections are:

To understand why each of these sections is relevant to you when purchasing an apartment within a Strata Scheme, we have explained each of the sections together with examples to help you get the most out of our Strata Inspection reports.