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As a prospective purchaser, you will find our Smart Strata Report has the most recent and detailed information regarding 1 Boomerang Place, WOOLLOOMOOLOO. Our reports are quickly accessed and easy-to-read by both property professionals and first-time buyers alike. The reports cover:

  • Evidence of Proposed Major Expenditures under consideration by the Owners Corporation
  • A history of past Special Levies struck by the Owners Corporation in the past 5 years.
  • Evidence of harmony issues in the building.
  • Levies Payments & Financial Statements

Other areas covered in our reports include:

  • Official Documentation
  • By-Laws
  • Notices and Orders
  • Insurance Details
  • Maintenance Levies
  • Financial Extracts of Budgets
  • Fire and OHS Compliance

Our expert team includes our Smart Strata inspectors. If you would like to contact them, they are only a phone call away and will be able to give any detailed explanations you might need, as well as more information on 1 Boomerang Place, WOOLLOOMOOLOO.

Section 108 Smart Strata Reports, the intelligent way to buy a home.

Date of inspection:

20th April 2018